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Join Seminole Youth Council!
Make your voice count.
Make a difference in your community.



Learn more about local

government and our community


Connect with The

City and elected officials


Serve the community and

become a more conscientious resident


Understand how tax dollars are

utilized to provide services for residents

  • Apply by August 26th
  • Be a junior or senior in high school
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Be willing to attend and participate in meetings with no more than 2 absences
  • Have own transportation
  • Participate in one community project
To apply, email the following:
  • Application
  • Liability Release Form (attached to the application)
The first meeting is September 14th. It will be a "meet and greet" dinner and an introduction to city council.

Seminole Youth Council 23-24

2023-2024 Schedule

Most meetings are at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. Lunch will be provided. Schedule is subject to change.


August 30th – Deadline for applications

September 14th – Meet & Greet L@ RWC at Noon.

October 4th - Lion's Club with Ladonna Vanlandingham  @ RWC

November 1st – Snowman Wonderland with Neil Craig @ RWC

December 6th - SSC with Brad Schatzel @ RWC

January 3rd – Downtown District, Arts Council, Chamber @ RWC

February 7th – Hall of Fame with Sharon Emmitt @ RWC

March 6th – Rotary with Chris Moore

April 3rd – Foundation with Shari Carter 

April 15th-21st - Seminole Community Clean Up

May 1st – Practice Presentation to City Council at 12pm @ RWC

May 7th – City Council Recognition and Presentation at 7 @ Library

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Join Seminole Youth Council

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