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Sportsman Lake

Sportsman Lake is located 5 miles east of Seminole Oklahoma stretching nearly 2 miles from one end to the other and over 1/4 mile wide. A great fishing lake for angler of all ages. With 15 miles of shoreline ranging from rocky, sandy, stumpy and cat-tails. Fishermen can test their skills against the lake and its submerged trees to hand "the big one" which can be over 10 lbs.

Jimmie Austin

Golf Course 

Golf Long & Golf Strong

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled golfing experience. This course is a pleasure for golfers of any skill to play. It will challenge you while providing a relaxing, picturesque backdrop. Test your accuracy with our fairways, water hazards and sand traps; we have everything you need to challenge you and improve your game. All in all, our goal is to provide you with a quality experience that includes exceptional service and a comfortable atmosphere.


Welcome to the Donald W. Reynolds Wellness Center. This facility is designed to serve a variety of individuals and user groups. Membership to our local gym is a wise investment for your overall health and wellness. Membership is not required, but it does provide some cost saving opportunities. The Center is a 39,000 sq ft. controlled access facility. It is very important that we protect the rights of every member of the Center by assuring that only authorized users (members, registered guests, renter of the facility) are allowed access. A fingerprint scan will be required by all members 10 years of age and older and must be scanned at the front desk each visit to gain entry to the facility.



Skaters can make unique runs on this facility. This skate park is family friendly and has other activities nearby. 

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is the Reynold's Wellness Center's backyard. People use the trail for exercise and fish in the pond. 

Sports Fields

Seminole has multiple fields that host tournaments, leagues, and practices on every year. 



Boom Town was built with families in mind. Parents will have just as much fun as their kids when they play on this jungle gym.



Our splash pad is a summer favorite by children and their parents. Children, ages 11 and under, cool off while playing in water. 

Our city parks listed to the right are within a two miles of each other. They were created and built by the city to serve family friendly fun. A family could pack a lunch so they could spend all day outside enjoying the different features this two mile radius has to offer. 

Outdoor Parks


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