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Public Meeting

Planning Commission

1st Tuesday of Every Month 5:15pm

The Planning Commission is charged with creating a vision for how Seminole is to be developed. This Commission will set directions for zoning, traffic flow and building issues.


4th Monday of Every Month 4:00pm

This Council is charged with the creation and health of the local economy. Typically, this is done through anything that creates or supports jobs in the greater Seminole area.

Lake Board


Sportsman Lake is a pride landmark for the City of Seminole. Our lake board meets to ensure the best practices for our lake. 

City Council

2nd Tuesday of Every Month 7pm

The City Council is the governing

body of the City of Seminole. Thus, they create policy, set the budgets

and establish directives to the City Manager.

Park Board


Typically the Park Board will plan ways to improve the appearance and usage of existing parks as well as dreaming of new venues and events. This board is a creative and assessment instrument of the City.

Permit Board

As Needed

Permit board meets on an as needed basis. See our code enforcement website to learn more about permits. 

Urban Renewal

Last Tuesday of Every Month 5:30pm

The Urban Renewal Authority is charged with tearing down dilapidated structures and redeveloping areas which might be considered blighted.

Airport Board


The Airport Board works closely

with staff and the Federal Aviation Administration to leverage city resources to provide the best experience for the flying public.

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