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Maple Grove Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery is located within the city limits of Seminole, Oklahoma at 1201 Van Drive. . The cemetery is well maintained and provides the final resting place for a broad cross section of the communities most notable residents. It began in 1908 with the burial of Glenn Billington when Seminole was still know as Tidmore Oklahoma. Maple Grove Cemetery was incorporated into the City of Seminole in 1926.


Susan A. Simpson dedicated the Strother Memorial Chapel in 1926 in honor of her father O.D. Strother. The Chapel is an excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture. Its sandstone structure, four prominent turrets, and large chimney make it the centerpiece in Maple Grove Cemetery. Strother Memorial Chapel was added to the National Register for Historic Places in 2003.


Maple Grove now encompases approximately 24.06 acres. It is a perpetual care cemetery, which insures that funding will always be available for the maintenance and care of the cemetery. There are still spaces available to accomodate casketed and created remains. Please contact the cemetery sexton for additional information.

Rules and Regulations



Maple Grove Cemetery

City of Seminole 

1000 W Strother Ave

Seminole, OK 74868

Phone: (405) 382-4330 ext 113

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