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What is Squeeze The Day?
Squeeze The Day is a program to encourage entrepreneurial skills among Seminole Youth. Kids are encouraged to have lemonade stands and make money at this time. 

How much do it cost to participate?
Squeeze The Day is a free program.  The cost is what is purchased for the lemonade stand.

Who can participate in Squeeze?
This program was create for kids 12 and under and desire to learn more
about entrepreneurship.

Why do we need a permit?
We created a free permit for Squeeze The Day so kids could learn more about the process of building a business. It's a fun certificate kids enjoy to hang on their stand.

How do we sign up?
Click here to sign up online. Your lemonade stand will be featured on the community map for customers to see.

What contests can we enter?
There are no contests this year.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Call Public Information Officer, Briana Wymore, for any questions at her office during office hours at 405-382-4330 ext 113 or email her at
June 2nd-4th 2023
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