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June 3rd-5thJune 3rd-5th 2022
What is Squeeze The Day?
Squeeze The Day is a program to encourage entrepreneurial skills among Seminole Youth.
How much do it cost to participate?
Squeeze The Day is a free program. 
Who can participate in Squeeze?
This program was create for kids 12 and under and desire to learn more
about entrepreneurship.
Why do we need a permit?
We created a free permit for Squeeze The Day so kids could learn more about the process of building a business. The permit is also a step in entering "Squeeze The Day" contests.
What contests can we enter?
We created 3 contests for Squeeze The Day:"Best Lemonade in Seminole", "Best Stand in Seminole", and "Entrepreneur of Seminole"! For more information see page 10 and 11 of the guide.
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Call Public Information Officer, Briana Wymore, for any questions at her office during office hours at 405-382-4330 ext 113 or email her at
2021 Squeeze the Day Winners
Winner Announcement-01.jpg
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