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Special Events Permit


In Person at the Community Development Office

401 N Main Street

Seminole, OK 74868

(405) 382-4330 ext 113


  1. Fill out the application at the Community Development Office

  2. A map with sign dimensions and their location (maps can be provided)


  • Please include a map showing where any and all signs will be posted, dimensions of the signs, and how they will be posted. We can provide a map for you to use and attach to the application.​

  • Please include a map of the area requested in the permit, include routes if event is a walk/run for charity.

  • The Seminole Permit Board meets by Special Meeting only, usually on Monday mornings at 8:30. All applications with attachments need to be submitted no later than Wednesday the week before the meeting, or at minimum 3 business days prior to any meeting. 

  • No signs in the highway right of way. Example: For a Municipal Park function, no signs can be posted along the edge of the road - they must be as far back as the electric poles. 

  • Any approved signs cannot be larger than 32 square fee at any location (a 4x8 foot sign).

  • Signs may be placed 60 days in advance of the event, but must be taken down four days after the event over.

  • Event permit is required.

  • No paint or marking other than tape or chalk on any streets, sidewalks or any other hand surface. Any markings by chalk or tape must be cleaned up within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event. Markings in areas other than streets or sidewalks MUST be approved by Permit Board and/or Park Board in advance of the event.

  • The Permit Board may request a $500 cleaning deposit before any event, and returned once the event is over and the area involved is free of trash and debris from the event. If city crews are called out to clean the area (including tape or chalk markings), the deposit is forfeited. If the cleanup is substantial, the City has the right to invoice the event sponsor for direct costs associated with the cleanup. 

For any questions or concerns regarding Special Events Permits, please contact the Community Development Office. 

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