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Youth Council Presents to City Council

The Seminole Youth Council presented a proposal to the Seminole City Council on April 26, advocating for the creation of a Dual Purpose Drive-In Theater/Amphitheater in the city. The youth council believes that such a facility would be a valuable addition to Seminole, providing entertainment for all generations and community space that can be used year-round. The Dual Purpose Drive-In Theater/Amphitheater would be a venue that could accommodate a variety of events, such as outdoor concerts, farmers markets, car shows, movie screenings, and theatrical performances. With its dual purpose, it would be a space that can be used in all seasons, ensuring that the community has access to entertainment options throughout the year.

In their presentation, the Seminole Youth Council highlighted the potential benefits of the proposed facility, including its potential to attract visitors to Seminole and increase local business revenue. They also emphasized the importance of having a space that is accessible to people of all ages, including families with young children and senior citizens. “Families often come out of Nomad’s Animal Encounter and Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum looking for the next thing to do. This would add to our entertainment for locals and visitors,” said Rainy Mcgraw, a second year youth council member.

In addition to a new proposal, Youth Council gave an update about the Family Entertainment Center that showed the floor layout and had 3D renderings of the center. In 2019, the very first Seminole Youth Council presented a Family Entertainment Center that included a bowling alley, laser tag, arcade room, and café for Seminole. “We are thrilled to see the progress that has been made on the Family Entertainment Center proposal since its initial presentation in 2019," said Mayor Jeff Griffin. "The addition of detailed floor layouts and 3D renderings has allowed us to better visualize the space and ensure that it meets the needs and preferences of the Seminole community. While there is still much work to be done, we are excited about the ongoing process and remain committed to bringing this exciting new venue to our city." “Working with the Seminole Youth Council has been an absolute pleasure," said Briana Wymore, the Youth Council Sponsor for the City of Seminole. "I have been consistently impressed by the dedication and growth of each student involved in the program. It is an honor to support and mentor these young leaders as they work to make a positive impact on our community."

"We are incredibly proud of the Seminole Youth Council for their hard work and dedication to improving our community," said Mayor Griffin. "They are a shining example of the talent and leadership that exists within our young people. We encourage them to pursue their education wherever their path may lead them, and to always remember their roots in Seminole. We hope that they will consider returning to our community one day to continue making a difference through volunteering, serving on boards and committees, and even potentially running for City Council and other leadership positions. Our city will always welcome back these talented young leaders with open arms. We have no doubt that they will continue to make a positive impact in Seminole and beyond."


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