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Tire Recycling Program

City of Seminole was awarded $10,000 from Department of Environmental Quality to be used for a tire recycling program. Starting on March 1st, Seminole residents will be allowed to take tires to a shed located at 901 A Street (behind the fire department) from 8am to 5pm.

Code Enforcement Officer Amy Harmon learned about the DEQ Tire Program at a DEQ Conference in 2021 and came back to City Hall inspired. “I started thinking about all of the lots in Seminole with tires piled on them. I immediately knew I wanted this program to come to Seminole and prevent illegal dump sites for tires,” Officer Harmon said.

With the approval of the Seminole City Council, Harmon partnered with Public Information Officer Briana Wymore, who has led the Great American Clean Up (GAC) for the past two years. The GAC is the brain child of a statewide program, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful.

“I think this is a fantastic addition to Seminole’s Community Clean Up,” said Wymore, “This will be our third year to orchestrate the Great American Clean Up. The first year the community cleaned streets, the second year we added a computer recycling program, and now this.”

“It keeps getting bigger and better every year thanks to participation of the community and the leadership of the City Council and city staff,” Wymore said. (This is the third year for a city-led participation – the chamber led the program for several years.)

The grant paid for the materials and construction of the shed, fence to go around the site and a sign that has the rules of the program. DEQ issued a permit to the city that allows us to hold the tires and they will come to pick them up when it is time to recycle.

“Right now, residents are required to pay at least $6 per tire to dispose of any used tires. Now residents will have a free option to recycle tires at no cost to the city. We hope that this is one step in the right direction to prevent illegal tire dump sites,” said Officer Harmon.

The rules for the tire recycling program are as followed: Tires That Are Accepted Are • Car & Light Truck Tires • Motorcycle and Moped Tires • Bus Tires • Agricultural Equipment/Tractor Tires

Tires that are NOT Accepted • Tires on Rims • ATV Tires • Off-Road Tires • Airplane Tires • Bicycle Tires • Mower & Wheelbarrow Tires • Forklift & Other Heavy Equipment Tires (does not apply to agricultural)


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