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Seminole Youth Council Opens Applications for 2022-2023 School Year

“Youth Council is one of my favorite groups to lead,” said Public Information Officer Briana Wymore, “We started it not knowing what was going to happen, and there were concerns with starting something new in the middle of a pandemic. It turned into a joyful success, not only for the youth council members, but for many employees, city council members, and citizens as well. I look forward to seeing how youth council impacts Seminole this year.”

The City of Seminole started Seminole Youth Council in August of 2020 with Briana Wymore as their sponsor. This will be their third year to meet where they will gather once a month and learn about The City’s different departments from various employees. Each meeting includes a lunch and a new speaker. In past years, the tour of the fire and police stations was a highlight among many of the students.

Youth Council 2022-2023’s first meeting is August 30th where they will have a meet and greet dinner at Sportsman Lake. Students that are in 11th or 12th grade are encouraged to apply with the approval of the school administration. Most youth council sessions will take place on the first Wednesday of each month at noon.

The Seminole Youth Council is still working to establish a brand-new family entertainment facility in Seminole. The proposal for a family entertainment center was introduced to the city council in the first year and plans for it were developed in the following year. This year’s youth council will continue with the project.

“Unfortunately, the tornado on May 4th prevented us from having the chance to present before city council last year. On the day of the presentation the students were volunteering their time and efforts towards disaster relief. We hope to present a powerful presentation at the end of the school year this time,” Wymore said.

Seminole State College has allowed students who succefully complete Seminole Youth Council to add a one-hour leadership credit to their college transcript. “We are extremely appreciative of Seminole State College's collaboration with us in providing students with this opportunity. This is one more reward for the students' efforts and commitment to Seminole Youth Council.” Wymore said.

Youth Council 2022 schedule is as below:

August 27th – Deadline for Applications

September 14th – Meet & Greet dinner at 6pm followed by City Council Meeting

October 6th - Lion’s Club/Rotary at 12pm

November 3rd – SEDC/Urban Renewal at 12pm

November 18th – Hall of Fame

December 1st – Airport/Lake at 12pm

January 5th – Save The Day Challenges at 12pm

February 2nd – Chamber/Tourism at 12pm

March 2nd – Mock Trial at 12pm @ City Hall Court Room

April 6th – Prepare Presentation to City Council at 12pm

April 18th-22nd - Seminole Community Clean Up

May 3rd – Practice Presentation to City Council at 12pm

May 10th – City Council Recognition and Presentation at 7

Dates and subjects may change as needed.

To apply, applicants must:

· Be a junior or senior in high school

· Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher

· Be willing to attend and participate in meetings with no more than 2 absences

· Have own transportation

· Participate in one community project

Applications are available on The City’s website on August 26thth is the deadline to apply. Contact for any questions or concerns.


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