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Seminole Youth Council Discusses City Budget

In 2019, City Council recognized a leadership void and started Seminole Youth Council two years 12 students from Seminole and Varnum High School. This year Seminole Youth Council consists of 26 juniors and seniors from Seminole, Varnum, and The Academy of Seminole.

On September 6th, 2022, Seminole Youth Council had their first official meeting with City Manager Steve Saxon over the City of Seminole’s Budget. The students were divided into groups to make decisions on how they believed $10 million dollars was best spent in The City of Seminole.

“It is a brief glimpse into what a City Council member has to go through to decide how money is spent in The City,” according to Saxon.

“I knew the first meeting was a success when I heard one girl asking Steve how to become a city council member,” Youth Council Sponsor Briana Wymore said.

Seminole Youth Council will continue plans for the Family Entertainment Center that was started by the original Youth Council members. “Every group said that the Family Entertainment Center was worth spending money on. The items ranged from water, sewer, police, fire, parks, and tornado damage. They may not have agreed on every topic, but they agreed that the Family Entertainment Center needs to be in Seminole,” Saxon said.

“It’s always fun seeing what they believe is important. They will often surprise us with their thoughts and ideas,” Wymore said.

Seminole Youth Council will continue to meet once a month with different speakers. The next meeting will be October 5th with Community Development Director Sharon Emmitt.


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