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Seminole Police Department Training

All of Seminole Police Department which includes all Officers, the High Risk Warrant Team, and both School Resource Officers, recently participated in an active shooter training hosted by Prevail Shooting and Tactics at Immanuel Fellowship Church. “We are so thankful and humbled to have support from City Council and the community to do these types of trainings. This training made us even better. We saw improvement among the team’s skills and abilities,” said Police Chief Jon Withers.

“Seminole Police Department is one of the most proactive departments when it comes to training. It is one of the reasons I love working with them,” said Seminole Reserve Officer Josh Beauford and owner of Prevail Shooting and Tactics. Beauford is the team lead for the High-Risk Warrant Team at Seminole Police Department. He has had 17 years experience in law enforcement being on different tactical teams and working undercover.

The active shooter training consisted of 10 various scenarios with hired actors and actresses that tried to make it as real as possible by bringing rubber weapons and acting out the scenes. The scenarios included someone coming in with a knife, an unstable person trying to kidnap a child, and someone coming in with a gun. After each scenario the group would come together to debrief and discuss what was done well and what could be done different.

“The most important part of training in these scenarios are to be able to take control of the situation before anything critical happens. The trainings teach officers to stop the suspect before he or she can harm someone. We find ways to remove the weapon or hold down the suspects safely, so no one is hurt,” said Officer Beauford.

“These trainings are not only beneficial to our department. They are beneficial to the community by making the city safer. When the officers advance their skills, it is a win for the whole community,” said Chief Withers.


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