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New Grant Writer Hired

Samantha Stanfill began working for the City of Seminole as a grant writer in August. “I have always wanted a job that would allow me to impact and influence the town where I grew up. I believe grant writing is going will satisfy that desire,” Stanfill said.

Stanfill grew up in Little, Oklahoma and graduated high school from Strother Public Schools. She moved away from Seminole for a few years but didn’t stay away. “My husband and I lived in busier cities with more traffic and more stress. We always loved Seminole and decided we wanted to raise our kids in a town that was slower paced,” she said. Stanfill loves City of Seminole for its ‘small town feel’ and appreciates that her two sons attend Seminole Schools. “It has been awesome watching Seminole grow over my lifetime. I am really excited to be behind the scenes to help with its growth,” she added.

“Sam has proven herself to be a team player in the office, ready to help wherever and whenever needed. I am proud of her first ‘win’, an $8,000 grant for our Police Department!” exclaimed Community Development Director Sharon Emmitt, “Out of 122 number of applicants only 48 were awarded.” The Justice Assistance Grant Local Law Enforcement (JAGLLE) will provide 8 ballistic vests to 8 full-time Seminole Police Officers in January of 2023.

Police Chief Jon Withers said, “We are honored and grateful to be a finalist of The JAG Grant Award. Currently, we have new officers wearing vests that are not tailored for them. Now we can replace their vests and other vests that are near expiration date. The money that would have been utilized to replace these vests can be used to help purchase other items that may need replaced.”

“It’s amazing to think that a police officer’s life can be saved because of something I helped with,” Stanfill said, “I am honored to be given the opportunity to work hard for my community.”

Some of her next projects will be for funding for a new water tower, water well telemetry and automatic meter readers. “These three grants alone could be worth millions to The City. I have every confidence in her abilities as the Grant Administrator for Seminole,” Emmitt said.


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