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Are They Licensed?

After the disaster on May 4th, Betty hired the first contractor who knocked on her door to help with her damages. She overpaid that contractor and she is still left with damages. “Scenaries like this, regrettably, occurred all over Seminole during relief operations and continue to occur today,” according to Community Development Director Sharon Emmitt.

Verifying their credentials is one approach to stay away from unlicensed companies. The Construction Industries Board website,, enables people to look up a contractor's license and determine whether the contractor is in good standing.

Contractors must have a valid State and City license to work in the City of Seminole. Code Enforcement Officer James Moon said, “We stop work on sites every week because people are not properly licensed. Some contractors hold a state license, but are not licensed with The City. However, once they have their State and City licenses, they are qualified to work in Seminole and work resumes.”

The City of Seminole lists licensed contractors on their website, A list of licensed plumbers, electricians, mechanics, roofers, tree trimmers, and exterminators can be found on the site.

A resident should call the police if they notice any unusual activities. If they have any inquiries regarding a contractor's license, they can also contact the community development office at 405-382-4330 ext. 113. “If you see something, say something! It is extremely important and necessary for residents to call if they see something that is not right and it prevents issues in our town,” said Emmitt.


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