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Garage Sale Permit


Fill out the application and deliver to the Water Department

401 N Main Street

Seminole, OK 74868

(405) 382-0518


  1. $5

  2. Fill out the application at the Water Department

  3. Deliver money and application to the Water Department

  4. The Water Department will email you a permit.

  5. Have the permit ready to show code enforcement at your garage sale.


  • No signs allowed on streets, highways, or right-of-ways. However, signs may be placed on private property ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM PROPERTY OWNER and not on the right of way.

  • All signs shall be removed within 24 hours following end of sale. 

  • All un-sold items shall be removed from public view no later than 48 hours from the end of sale. 

  • No PERSON or LOCATION shall have more than (3) residential sales per calendar year. No sale may exceed (3) days in length. 

  • Display of Property: personal property offered for sale may be displayed in a garage or within the residence. Property may also be offered for sale under an open car port, on a driveway or in a yard area. Not to exceed 900 square feet. 

  • Personal property is defined as property which is owned, utilized, and acquired in the normal course of living in or maintaining a residence. Personal property DOES NOT include merchandise which was purchased for resale, obtained on consignment, or acquired through the operation of a business. 

  • Violation of any provision of this code, upon conviction, shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $750.00 per day. 

  • No rain checks. 

For any questions or concerns regarding Residential Sales Permits, please contact the Water Department. 

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