Planning Commission - August 4th, 2020

Our Planning Commission Meeting will be hosted virtually on August 4th to take necessary precautions against

Covid-19. The public is invited to join this virtual conference by joining the meeting through Zoom. 

If a person wishes to make comments or ask questions during the meeting, the person should join the virtual meeting, by first, filling out the form, and then following the steps below.

August's Agenda
To Be A Participant in The Meeting

If you would like to comment or ask questions during the Planning Commission, please fill out this form. 

Download Zoom

Please visit Zoom.Us for questions


Fill out the form to participate in the virtual  meeting.


You will get a Zoom meeting invitation email with a link, meeting number, and password. You will need all of these to join the virtual meeting. 


Download the Zoom app on your preferred device to join Zoom meetings. 


If downloading the app is not an option, a phone number can be given so a person can dial in to the virtual meeting. The phone number, meeting i.d., and password will be emailed you in the invitation after you send us the online form. 


When it is time to join the meeting, use the link, meeting number, and password to join the meeting. You will first join a waiting room, and then be accepted into the meeting. The meeting will start at 5:15pm. Your sound and video will be turned off immediately and will be turned on when you have a question or comment. 


For any questions about Zoom, you may read this article. 

You can also bring your questions and concerns to our city staff during normal office hours by calling 405-382-4330 ext 113.

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