City of Seminole


Steve Saxon

City Manager


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Seminole Police Department

Shane Marshall
Chief of Police
900 Harvey Road
Seminole OK, 74868


The City of Seminole Police Department employees 13 full time, highly trained police officers patroling the streets of Seminole 24/7. This 13 includes 4-Lieutenants, 2-Lieutenant Detectives, 6-Patrol Officers, and 1 Records Clerk. The Police Department also houses the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center. Seminole Police Department has been awarded several grants and has received many donations for new equipment and vehicles.


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The Special Response Team, a new program that the police department is working to implement is a bicycle patrol team. These officers will patrol the residential streets that normally not accessible by vechicle. The bike patrol will help the police officers get to know the residents and the area they patrol.